Character Information:

Game: Diablo III - US Server: US-Normal Mode
Level: 60 Class: Witch Doctor
HP: 26176 MP:
Sex: Female
Details: 4 lvl 60's, a demon hunter, and a wizard who are both very well geared, a witch doctor and a monk with not a whole lot on them both. The demon hunter is cleared to the end of act 3, the monk and witch doctor are right at the beginning of act 3 and the wizard just hit 60 so hes about half way through act 1 all of them are in inferno. We added a picture of the first tab of the stash, just to show all of the gems that have saved up, the other 2 tabs are just random gear from inferno that was decent at the time.
For full Skill & Talent Listings, check the tabs at the bottom of the character screen!
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